Saturday, December 25, 2010

Ugly Knits

All images are from the latest Mary Maxim catalogue, which the previous woman (religious mother of a growing family who incidentally shares the same first name as my mum) who lived in my house subscribed to and which we still get sent anyway.. I'm into the saintly bizarro grandma look. I come from cold-ass-fuck Canada so anything that looks like a blanket is something I want to wear. Mmm delicious warmth.

Elf slippers
I would like to see some patterns for non-christening adult bonnets.

If this is a christian knitting store then why the hell is there a baby with thigh-high socks on? I would wear this. Sexiest look and its on a baby, religious knitters are weird.

This pin is bizarre, its a gold safety pin with Christmas trinkets and a watch. Holiday steam-punk grandma.
What a fantastic gift idea, just knit a faux-gift over a tissue box.

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