Friday, January 28, 2011

Will fashion ever be cruelty free?

Sometimes Fashion can be a harsh mistress, or an insane drama queen. I live where it is cold. I won't deny that I have a lot of wool in my closet and some leather, but I've always bought it second hand. Does wearing an old animal compare to wearing a freshly slaughtered one? I don't really know anymore. What I do know is I feel nauseous looking at models swathed in copious amounts of fur. It is extravagantly cruel. Personally I think if people are going to create fur garments they should use the bodies of euthanzied cats and dogs from shelters. It would make people uncomfortable, but then they might not be so disconnected from what they are wearing. People are almost as disillusioned about their clothes as they are about their food, and it's sad.

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