Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Best of Playboy - January '67

The beginning of 1967 was all about pop art and parties, Fidel Castro, sex and scotch.

A lengthy interview with Fidel Castro is featured in this issue:

"I believe that the United States, with its imperialist foreign policy, is accelerating the radicalization process of revolutionary movements not only in Cuba but throughout the world."

"An enemy of socialism cannot write in our newspapers- but we don't deny it, and we don't go around proclaiming a hypothetical freedom of the press where it doesn't exist, the way you people do."

"If you ask me whether I considered myself a revolutionary at the time I was in the mountains, I would answer yes. If you asked me whether I considered myself a classic Communist, I would say no."

There were quite a few garments with Playboy bunny logos including sweaters and shirts

playmate of the month

Salvador Dali

Andy Warhol

Larry Rivers

George Segal

Roy Schnackenberg

Tom Wesselman

Alfred Leslie

Frank Gallo


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