Monday, February 21, 2011

Jane Eyre

A couple summers ago I read the book Jane Eyre and loved it. Super girly gushy love. So classy and romantic, incredible cheesey in some parts, but a classic for a reason! I am so damned excited for the new theatrical version coming out in theaters March 11!!! I went on a Jane Eyre binge after I first read it and watched as many version as I could find online. The latest BBC mini-series made in 2006 was amazing and I'll be surprised if this movie can surpass it. The 1983 BBC version isn't bad, Timothy Dalton brings the heat but the actress who plays Jane makes the romance fall flat. Never watch the 1996 version starring Charlotte Gainsborough, it's awful. Anyway, I did these terribly embarrassing, fan-girl doodles of how I envisioned the characters to look after I read the book. Neither of the main characters were pretty, Rochester was large and ape-ish, Jane was small and elf-ish.

Drawn from a screen cap of the 1983 version. Actors looked perfect, but didn't act perfect.

I would love to see a runway show inspired by Jane Eyre. It would probably be in the ghostly, Gothic-Victorian style that Dame Darcy drew it. Every outfit would be long, poofy dresses with tight waists, long sleeves, and the appropriate cuffs. The colour palette would remain all moody black, grey, and white, but maybe with a spark of red in there for passion. The models would be ugly and spindly (but most models are).

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